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On October 19, we organized the very first expert conference focused on cancer screenings after their initiation in 2019. The conference took place at the Ministry of Health of the SR.

The objective was to present current data and information and adapt the breast cancer screening program (mammography) in Slovakia for the coming period so that this Onkokontrola (“Oncology Check”) meets the highest quality criteria; that there are as many new certified screening mammography facilities as possible for an early and accessible diagnostic; and that as many women in the target group as possible undergo mammography.

Data about the prevalence and treatment of breast cancer, working at a top-level institution and prevention of unnecessary deaths were presented by leading experts from several renowned institutions including NOI. The gloomy analyzed data were associated mainly with disparities in the survival and diagnostics in Slovakia and other countries.

Awareness campaigns are a key step to raise awareness about breast cancer and prevention. Thanks to regular awareness campaigns, we can debunk myths and explain unclear information and encourage women to actively care about their health.

Despite an enormous effort of patients’ organizations, state institutions or physicians, only very few women undergo regular routine check-ups. However, prevention and early diagnostics have a profound influence on the outcome of the treatment.

Regular breast self-examination as well as screening mammography exam once in two years can detect early stages of cancer which are very well curable and can save years of high-quality life for many.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among women but it’s not an exclusively female disease. Despite continuous advances in medicine and innovative treatments, prevention is still the key. Breast self-examination, regular mammography exams and healthy lifestyle can contribute to a lower risk of the disease.

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On June 23, oncologists from around Slovakia met at the 15th annual event NEWS FROM ASCO 2023 which, as has become tradition, presents selected papers from ASCO world oncology conference. It took place at the beginning of June in Chicago. This prestigious symposium for oncologists was organized under the auspices of the Slovak Oncology Society and the National Oncology Institute. The latest findings and trends in the management of several oncological diseases were discussed by renowned clinical oncologists, experts and scientists.

All lectures are available on the website: https://mudr.online/podujatia/novinky-z-asco-15-rocnik



National Oncology Institute organized the first Clinical Trials in Oncology Workshop which took place on 27 April 2023 on the premises of the MoH SR and 28 April 2023 on the premises of the National Cancer Institute. The expert event focused on the support necessary to maintain clinical trials in Slovakia since it is often clinical trials (CTs) that provide cancer patients with the only access to innovative treatment and a chance to increased treatment effectiveness. Clinical trials currently give cancer patients hope of an improved prognosis with a possibility of long-term remission, for example in case of immunotherapy within the treatment of malignant melanoma, lung tumors, kidney tumors and so on.

NOI actively participates in recruitment and training of important clinical trials coordinators in selected healthcare facilities all around Slovakia. The Institute connects experts on clinical trials and biomedical research and helps identify areas which could contribute to effective and high-quality cancer clinical trials in our country. ”Clinical trials require meticulous coordination which increases in importance with more logistically demanding CTs, which represent the majority in oncology. That is why we, together with experts, have long emphasized the importance of working CT coordinators or entire CT sections in healthcare facilities,” underlined Mária Rečková, M.D., PhD., NOI director, and Timea Farkašová, MBA, clinical trials coordinator, NOI.

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Recording from the first day of CT Workshop, 27 April 2023:

Lectures – Part 1 Lectures – Part 2 Discussion

Instructional video about the role of clinical trials coordinator:

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Cancer Research Foundation, the Foundation and NOI organized an expert conference PATIENT-ORIENTED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CONTINUUM on 7 March 2023. The main topic was cancer research, possibilities of active participation and updates on EU Mission: Cancer. The event took place in the Slovak Center of Scientific and Technical Information in Bratislava.

Our colleague, research and education coordinator Dr. Soňa Čierniková, focused on providing equal complex cancer care including cancer research in Europe. The support of NOI for clinical research in Slovakia was presented at the event by our colleague, clinical research coordinator Timea Farkašová, MBA. Many other experts from National Cancer Institute as well as other specialists from around Slovakia participated.

All lectures are available on the website: https://www.nvr.sk/akcie/4079/