12th annual News from ASCO conference 2020

We are happy to bring you the twelfth year of the best selected presented papers from the annual ASCO® conference which takes place in the United States of America each year. This year, due to COVID-19 epidemiological situation, the ASCO® conference took place online from May 29 to May 31, 2020. Conference organizers in Slovakia first planned to have the event online like in the US, however, thanks to the release of epidemiological measures, there was an opportunity to organize the event as a traditional live conference. This year, you could experience 6 lectures in 3 sections and in-person meetings and fruitful discussions with Slovak experts. This contribution is a summary of papers selected by Slovak experts from all the presentations from the Annual ASCO® Conference to be presented at News from ASCO 2020.

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Oncologists, do not miss the next opportunity to gain state-of-the-art medical knowledge and get to know new trends in your specialty at a short-term fellowship abroad for a period of minimum 1 month to maximum 3 months. National Oncology Institute has announced the fourth call for applications for grant. You can send your applications from June 1 to August 31, 2020.

Choose a prestigious facility, meet other professionals and use your new experience from the fellowship in your practice in Slovakia.

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