Patient guides

ESMO Patient Guides are currently being translated into Slovak in cooperation of the National Oncology Institute, ESMO (European Society for Medical Oncology) and Slovak patient organizations.

We would like to thank the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) for providing us with an educational grant to prepare the patient guides. We are grateful to our expert translators for the translations.

  1. Acute myeloblastic leukemia
  2. Follicular lymphoma
  3. Glioma (brain tumor)
  4. Chronic myeloid leukemia
  5. Cervical cancer
  6. Breast cancer
  7. Ovarian cancer
  8. Colorectal cancer
  9. Bone sarcoma
  10. Personalised cancer medicine
  11. Multiple myeloma
  12. Cancer pain
  13. Biliary tract tumors
  14. Non-small-cell lung cancer
  15. Immunotherapy Side Effects
  16. Head and neck cancer
  17. Endometrial cancer
  18. Bladder cancer
  19. Pancreatic cancer
  20. Oesophageal cancer
  21. Liver cancer
  22. Prostate cancer
  23. Testicular cancer
  24. Stomach cancer
  25. Soft tissue sarcomas
  26. Life with oncological diagnosis

Check out the preventative leaflets by Slovak League Against Cancer and information brochures about lymphoproliferative disorders You can find everything patients should know about clinical trials in this brochure.