List of oncological drugs

List of oncological drugs

National Oncology Institute in cooperation with a renowned international medical data company IQVIA prepares and provides periodic Overview of Cancer Drugs authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and information about their availability for doctors and patients in Slovakia.

The list gives an overview of authorized medicaments and medicaments primarily available via standard pharmaceuticals categorization published on the web page of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic (, valid from the first day of the current month. Along with the categorization list, the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic publishes indication and prescription restrictions valid at the moment (file Part B: Indication restrictions). Indication restrictions can differ from indications in valid Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC).

Our list also includes drugs which have not been included in the standard categorization yet at the moment of data generation. At the moment, some molecules can be reimbursed beyond categorization (so-called exceptional cases). Up-to-date lists of these drugs are available on the web pages of Slovak health insurance companies.

Date of last update: 18.03.2021.

ATC code Active substance Drug categorization Link Requests for health insurance companies
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Indication restrictions

*1 E.g. drugs reimbursed in exceptional cases

Source file provided by IQVIA is available on demand by email to address:

Drugs reimbursed in exceptional cases can be found here:

Links to newly authorized pharmaceuticals