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Clinical trials

The goal of clinical trials is to determine the effectiveness and safety of trial drug or a combination of drugs or other treatment. Precise eligibility criteria are set in advance; the patient must satisfy all of them in order to be treated in the clinical trials.

Supporting clinical research

NOI’s objective is to improve the availability of cancer clinical trials in the SR and in order to do that, NOI:

  1. creates and updates the Cancer Clinical Trials Register,
  2. supervises the activity of the Slovak Cooperative Oncology Group (SCOG),
  3. strengthens functional academic clinical research infrastructure by supporting clinical trials coordinators.

A CT coordinator manages and performs everyday activities in a clinical trials center under the supervision of principal investigator. In general, they make sure that clinical trials (CT) are carried out according to protocol, valid legislation and requirements for good clinical practice (GCP).

Besides administrative duties, they can perform other tasks on behalf of the clinical facility, namely:

  • communicate with trial sponsors,
  • ensure proper expert training of trial staff according to protocol,
  • assist in the recruitment and/or registration of CT participants,
  • ensure compliance with CT guidelines,
  • collect and/or investigate collected data and enter them in trials database or electronic report sheets of CT participants,
  • collect electronic records (e-logs, e-questionnaires, remote monitoring systems and virtual technologies).

Supporting clinical research


Cancer Clinical Trials Register in Slovakia was established on January 15, 2019, to provide information to physicians who treat cancer patients. All cancer clinical trials open for recruitment in Slovakia were added to the Register at the moment of its establishment. The information in the Register have been continuously updated ever since according to available data from the Slovak Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) and CT sponsors or other available sources in a way that makes it clear which clinical trials have closed recruitment already, paused it or which are and will be open for recruitment of patients.

The Register also mentions a webpage with a trial synopsis which includes entry criteria, i.e., inclusion and exclusion criteria. We recommend attending physicians to familiarize themselves with the trial entry criteria to find out whether their patient is eligible for the clinical trial before consulting the closest center in which the clinical trial is taking place.

Short information about ongoing clinical trials for patients can be found in the section Information for patients.

We recommend that patients discuss their eventual participation in a clinical trial with their attending physician/oncologist and do not contact directly the centers where trials are taking place.

Ongoing trials in the Czech Republic

Ongoing clinical trials in Slovakia

Clinical trial referral process


NOI’s objective is to improve the availability of cancer clinical trials in the SR and in order to do that, NOI presents a contact form for applicants and clinical trial facilities.


Dear applicant, dear CT facility,

based on the cooperation with the National Oncology Institute (NOI) and in order for us to regularly update the Cancer Clinical Trials Register, we kindly ask you to support us by filling the Contact Form with information about the beginning/end of a clinical trial (or opening/closing of a recruitment center). Cancer Clinical Trials Register is available separately in the section for patients and physicians at

Thank you
NOI team

We would like to inform you that this web section is for professionals only.