Clinical trials

The goal of clinical trials is to determine the effectiveness and safety of trial drug or a combination of drugs or other treatment. Precise eligibility criteria are set in advance; the patient must satisfy all of them in order to be treated in the clinical trials.

Cancer Trials Register in Slovakia was founded on January 15, 2019 with the intention to provide information to doctors treating cancer patients. At the moment of founding, all cancer clinical trials with open patient recruitment in Slovakia were included in the register. The information in the Register has been updated continuously according to the available information from the State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC) in order to make it clear which clinical trials are closed for patient recruitment already, which are suspended temporarily and which have been opened for recruitment.

The register also includes a web page with study synopses including eligibility criteria, i.e. inclusion and exclusion criteria. We recommend that attending physicians get acquainted with the eligibility criteria for trials and thus find out whether a patient is eligible for the trial before contacting the nearest center where the trial is taking place.

Short information about ongoing clinical trials for patients can be found in the section Information for patients.

We recommend that patients discuss the eventual participation in a clinical trial with their attending physician/oncologist and do not contact directly the centers where trials are taking place.

Ongoing trials in the Czech Republic

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