NOI grants


Twice a year, the National Oncology Institute (NOI) announces a call for applications for NOI grant intended for short-term international fellowships.

Applications can be sent from January 1 to March 31 and from June 1 to August 31 in the given year.

The results of awarded NOI grants are published on NOI web page in the section Professional, NOI grants no later than 30 days after the call is ended.

You can send your applications via e-mail to:

Documents to be enclosed with the request

A. Description of the project


C. Reference letter from your sending institution

D. Acceptance letter from your receiving institution

E. Report from fellowship

  1. Správa zo stážového pobytu - krátkodobý prínos
  2. Správa zo stážového pobytu - dlhodobý prínos
  3. NOI Fellowhip Report – Short-term benefits
  4. NOI Fellowhip Report – Long-term benefits

Requirements for NOI grant application

Regulations of the NOI Scientific Committee for NOI grants for short-term international fellowships

We would like to inform you that this web section is for professionals only.