National Oncology Register

National Oncology Register is established in the National Health Information Center (NHIC) along with other national medical registers which are managed according to §12 article 3 point c) of the Law No. 153/2013 Coll. on national health information system and amending and supplementing certain acts as amended. All details about reporting to national medical registers are determined in the Regulation of the Ministry of Health of the SR No. 74/2014 Coll. NHIC as the controller of the registers is authorized to appoint a processor of personal data via written contract according to §8 of the Law No. 122/2013 Coll. on personal data protection and amending and supplementing certain acts as amended.

Obligatory reporting of malignant tumors was established in Slovakia and Czech Republic in 1952. The Oncology Register was founded as a population register in 1976, processing data retrospectively since 1968. National Oncology Register keeps a record of incidence (newly diagnosed cases of primary tumors, dx. C00-C97, D00-09, D37-48), their basic characteristics and treatment. Besides the incidence of malignant and selected benign tumors, it also monitors prevalence (number of sick people in a specific moment in time) and mortality (number of deaths to number of inhabitants ratio in a specific time period). Link:

The role of the National Oncology Institute is to carry out external analyses and validate data from the National Oncology Register in order to assess epidemiology trends and selected clinical characteristics of oncology diseases in Slovakia.

The outputs of the National Oncology Register of the SR presented on the web page of National Oncology Institute (NOI) have been prepared in cooperation with the National Health Information Center.

The main source of data about causes of death is the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic. However, information from before 1996 is not available in the required form in the Statistical Office, National Health Information Center nor in the Demographic Research Center, which is why these data cannot be processed and are not included in NOI outputs.