The new Cancer Screening Commission met on April 15, 2021. List of committee members is available at the MoH SR website.

Statutes of the Cancer Screening Commission of the MoH SR are published HERE.

Preventive and screening measures have a huge importance in healthcare. Screening or secondary prevention is designed to detect diseases in early stages, which increases the possibility of curability, makes the treatment less of a burden and reduces the morbidity and mortality of the given disease. It is also possible to detect a disease in a pre-cancerous stage via oncological screening, i.e. in a pre-invasive stage whose successful treatment can prevent the development of an invasive oncological disease completely.

Until recently, oncological screening in Slovakia was taking place only opportunistically, however, the situation changed in 2019. The first phase of organized colorectal cancer screening was carried out and then evaluated from January to October 2019. The screening has continued in the same form since September 2021. Health insurance companies started inviting women to mammography breast cancer screening in September 2019. In spite of 3-month-long break in 2021 due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the screening now continues. Cervical cancer screening program was initiated as well and health insurance companies have been inviting women since July 2021.

You can find a summary report about screening programs in Slovakia in 2022 HERE.

The success of oncological screening programs depends on expert preparation and degree of participation of the population at risk. From this point of view, continuous and correctly targeted awareness campaign is crucial. Information about the screenings in preparation and ongoing ones is regularly updated on NOI website.