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  • Cervical cancer screening in Slovakia is performed by cytological examination using the PAP test in woman 23 and over
  • Health insurance companies send women invitations to visit their own contractual gynecologist.
  • If the woman does not have her own gynecologist, she can visit the nearest gynecology office in her place of residence. List of gynecology offices can be found HERE or you can contact your health insurance company for information.
  • First two cytological smears from the cervix are done by a physician in one-year interval. If a woman is healthy on both occasions, the examination will only repeat in three years. If the result is inconclusive, another test will be performed in a specialized facility. List of specialized facilities can be found HERE.
  • If the last 3 cytological smears in a 3-year interval are normal, the screening ends at the age of 64.

Slovakia has joined a prevention and screening innovation project “PRESCRIP-TEC” in order to prevent cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is a preventable oncological disease. There are two effective tools to prevent its development. First and foremost, vaccination against HPV infection within primary prevention, and regular screening exam by Pap smear from the cervix within secondary prevention.

The PRESCRIP-TEC project offers women the option to be examined via self-administered tests to detect human papillomavirus. The project conducted in four countries – Bangladesh, India, Uganda and Slovakia – led by Medical University Center in Groningen, Netherlands, aims to improve the quality and availability of healthcare services. This meaningful initiative will lead to a more innovative and effective cervical cancer screening for women from marginalized groups.

University of Trnava has joined the project along with other partners – Healthy Regions, League Against Cancer and Ministry of Health of the SR, expert teams from Public Health Authority, nurses, epidemiologists, microbiologists and infectious disease specialists led by Dr. Marek Majdan, MSc., Ph.D. – which will participate in two work packages of the project.

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Regular screening is crucial for prevention of cervical cancer.

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